Optimum energy consumption with NETx MaRS Module

The goal of modern building automation systems is to increase the user comfort and use the existing resources efficiently. Building automation contributes significantly to decrease the energy consumption and protect the environment. To achieve this ambiguous goal, analysing the consumption values from smart meters is a key requirement. The NETx MaRS Module is an energy reporting tool, which helps you to monitor, analyse and process data from smart meters. In combination with the NETx BMS Server it was developed for central, company-wide collection and analysis of this data. The data can originate from any source e.g. electricity, water, air or gas.

Cost centre structure

For further processing you can store the gathered data in hierarchically organized cost centre structures which are related to the existing structures in your company or building.


Based on your cost centre structure, you can perform consumption and cost calculations. The results can be used to generate diagrams, graphs or tables.


Via open interfaces, all results can be exported for further processing. For this reason, even third party applications have access to this information.


Arbitrary resources from any smart meter
The NETx MaRS Module is not limited to any resources or meter types. It allows you to use any meter (KNX, BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus,…) for any resource (electricity, water, air, gas,…).

Analysis of consumption values
The NETx MaRS Module helps you to collect the consumption values of smart meter and to store them in an SQL database. Afterwards you can export the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly consumption as table or chart. You are able to compare the values of different meters or different periods.

Cost calculation
By defining cost rates (e.g. price per unit, base rate,…) you can calculate the costs of the consumed resources. These calculations can be compared and exported in different formats.

Hierarchical cost center structure
A cost centre is an organizational unit where different meters are assigned. The structure of cost centres can be organized hierarchically. In addition, the assignment can be done on a percentage base. Depending on the specified structure and the assigned meters, consumption and cost calculations can be performed.

The results of consumption and cost calculations are displayed as NETx MaRS documents. For each document you can choose whether consumption values or calculated costs shall be presented. Also the period can be chosen freely. To compare the different costs and consumption values with each other, it is possible to show multiple meters, cost centres or periods in one single document. For reusing documents, you are able to save them as templates. If you want to reuse a stored document afterwards, the according configuration is loaded and the actual consumption or cost values are shown.

Defining actions
In addition to the visualization of the consumption values, you have the possibility to define actions e.g. periodical sending of documents per e mail or exporting them to other systems.

The NETx MaRS Module supports the definition of indicators. Indicators are data points that influence consumption values like e.g. temperature. Usually, indicators are used as reference values.

Virtual meters
The NETx MaRS Module allows you to add virtual meters in addition to physical ones. These virtual meters are not assigned to real devices.

User management
You can give different users different access rights.


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