NETx Voyager, the professional visualization software

As a part of the technical building management, the NETx Voyager is a central visualization software for buildings of any size. Located at the management level, the NETx Voyager acts as an OPC Client to a NETx Server (NETx BMS Server or NETx KNX OPC Server). Nevertheless, the full functionality is only available in combination with the NETx BMS Server. Using NETx Voyager, you can control complex and wide spread installations in a centralized way. Due to its flexibility, you can use the NETx Voyager in a broad range of applications.


The client/server architecture provides a versatile platform for visualization projects. Moreover, you can combine the NETx Voyager with any number of NETx BMS Clients. For example, the hotel guest sees just the visualization of his room via a NETx BMS Client. However, the cleaning staff has access to the according floor (also via NETx BMS Clients). The technical employees get an overview of the whole building with the NETx Voyager.


You can adapt the level of details and the look of your visualization to your individual needs. You can choose between the following elements: background images – user defined buttons – images – multi-state control elements – web based content (e.g. web cams) – animated images. Due to the scalability of the system you can use it for small projects up to large building projects where a high amount of pages and control elements is required.


Due to the universal interface, data points of any system like KNX, BACnet, Modbus or SNMP  or any application-specific technology (e.g. hotel management, access control) can be shown and controlled in one single visualization. The data points are shown in the visualization as universal data points. This is done independent of the underlying technology. It is not necessary to deal with the characteristics of the underlying system when preparing the visualization.

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