NETx BMS Server, OPC Server for KNX, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, etc.

The NETx BMS Server is a flexible and scalable solution for the use of different systems and technologies. As a server application, it has the task to collect and process data points from building automation systems. Open technologies (e.g. OPC, KNX, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, …) and application-specific systems (MICROS Fidelio/Opera, Protel, VingCard, Kaba, Salto, …) can be integrated as well as any amount of NETx Clients (NETx BMS Clients, NETx Voyager or NETx Shutter Control). Additionally, the NETx BMS Server includes a web server. This embedded web server offers the opportunity to create web based visualizations that can be displayed at any devices (incl. touch-able). Due to its features, the NETx BMS Server is an innovative solution for all requirements of modern building automation projects.

Integration via OPC/BACnet

The NETx BMS Server includes an OPC interface,  which you can use to integrate data from other OPC servers but also third-party OPC clients. Using the BACnet interface of the NETx BMS Server connecting to other central building control systems like Siemens, Schneider Electric or Honeywell is possible.

Easy data import

For a comfortable and effective realization of your building automation projects several tools like the NETx BMS App Secure are available. Using this app you can for example integrate data from the ETS of the KNX Association in the NETx BMS Server.  You can use the BACnet Explorer to discover BACnet divises and objects automatically without needing any extern tools.

Increasing efficiency

Each system technology like KNX or BACnet offers isolated functions and specific advantages. If a building automation system can combine the different system technologies, a significant additional value arises. For example, you can use the information of presence detectors to control illumination also for regulation of HVAC.  By this, existing resources are applied efficiently.

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