Smart I/O Experts is the official distributor of ControllByWeb products

ControlByWeb™  is  the Leading Technology in Ethernet Relays, Data Acquisition, and Remote Monitoring. ControlByWeb products are designed to be extremely reliable for web control and monitoring of electrical devices.

ControlByWeb™  products include various inputs and outputs such as relays, digital inputs, analog inputs, 1-Wire bus for monitoring temperature & humidity, etc. that can be used with our built-in software to remote control/monitor electrical devices. Most of the ControlByWeb™  I/O products support email notifications, scheduling, logging, BASIC interpreter, communication with a variety of protocols (Modbus, SMNP, SMTP, etc.), and many more features.

All ControlByWeb™ products have built-in web servers and can be setup, monitored, and controlled using a web browser. In addition, ControlByWeb™ products can be monitored and controlled using custom computer applications as well as our CBW Mobile app for all smart phones and tablets.

For more information regarding ControlByWeb™ products please visit the official ControlByWeb website.

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