New KNX control and visualisation app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones / tablets

Turn your tablet into a smart remote control

 The ayControl KNX + IoT visualisation app turns iPad, iPhone and Android smartphone / tablets into a comfortable remote control for your building. Thanks to the simple, clear and intuitive interface, controlling lights, blinds, VoIP/SIP door communication systems, IP cameras, heating/climate and much more becomes super simple. You can even use ayControl KNX + IoT as a remote control for your multimedia devices!

ayControl KNX + IoT, together with the EcoButler KNX app, can also automate your building at low cost. Your SmartHome follows your own rules. Functions like: “30 minutes after sunset, move down the blinds” are created easily and without KNX knowledge.

ayControl KNX + IoT also supports push notifications to your devices: You can e.g. be notified if movement was detected in your garden while you’re on vacation. The possibilities are endless!

For more information regarding ayControl KNX + IoT and EcoButler KNX please visit the official ayControl website.

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