Architects, interior designers, construction contractors, M&E contractors and property developers WANTED

For many years, Smart I/O Experts  has collaborated with architects, interior designers, HVAC designers, construction contractors, mechanical & electrical contractors  construction project managers, and property developers. We thoroughly understand that our in depth knowledge, and many-year experiences in BMS, DALI, KNX and  smart home technologies can benefit you in order to exceed your client expectation.

We  values your opportunities and businesses. To confirm our position, we offer these generous incentives to architects, interior designers, HVAC designers, construction contractors, M&E contractors, project managers, and property developers.

Free demo for your showroom

We understand that sometimes it is easier to sell the solutions by letting your client play and feel the real things. If you are a residential builder, property developer, home or condo developer, we offer you with our free demo installation in your model homes or sales centers. How does it work? Home or condo developers, property developers, and construction contractors, sign a commitment contract to install our solutions in a pre-determined number of properties over an 18-month period. In exchange, you receive a full refund of the demo installation cost once the last installation in your property is being installed and paid for.

Workshop & Lunch

Not all people can keep up with BMS,DALI, KNX and  smart home technologies that are constantly emerging.  Smart I/O Experts offer several “Workshop & Lunch” courses for the architecture, design, HVAC designers, mechanical and electrical engineer community. Among these courses are “What is a BMS / KNX /  DALI / Smart Home system?”, “ Pre-Wiring for a smart building vs. wireless technology”, Benefits and Budget projection . It is a nice way to have a free, yet educational and beneficial lunch.

Read more about our Workshops and Webinars.