Your easy to use, high-class money saver

Forget about old style wall-mounted touch screens and expensive KNX (home) servers! Use ayControl KNX + IoT as the economic alternative.

Your SmartHome follows your own rules with EcoButler!

Automation made easy: Define rules and actions in ayControl, which your house will automatically do. Blinds down 1h after sunset… No problem!

Safety & remote control

Keep an eye on your house: Embedding of IP cameras and VoIP intercoms. Control everything from everywhere via cellular and Wi-Fi connections.

For new and upgraded buildings with KNX bus

If you don’t plan to build a new house, you can upgrade your existing house with an KNX/EIB bus to gain a lot of comfort with ayControl KNX + IoT.

Simple configuration & customized design

You can easily customize the design of ayControl KNX + IoT. Use your own menu and background images to fit your style. Select your favourite theme color etc.

Read more about smart functions & scenarios for your home.